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One of the most impactful new technologies, across many industries and cases, is 5G. 5G is a broad term for a set of technologies and standards that leverage new forms of encoding data into radio transmissions, new frequencies to carry that encoding, and new network architectures to bind it all together.

Yesterday I was part of the ESG Marketing panel session at the MTSS online summit, along with my co-speakers Gemma Butler, Can Marketing Save The Planet and Russ Avery, Avery & Brown, moderated by MTSS co-founder, Lisa Collins. During the session, I briefly talked about finding our inner business activist,

Jump Signs Better Business Act Coalition as First Step in Helping Create a Fairer, Greener Future for Everybody. At Jump, we’re adapting our business practises to ensure that we’re working in a sustainable and socially responsible direction, aligning with a triple bottom line approach that commits to planet, people and

I have had the total joy of working with Kate Ford for over two years. We have worked together to promote Six Inches of Soil. Kate contacted us at Six Inches of Soil, as she is deeply passionate about soil and permaculture, and was keen to help us publicise our project. We have really

Monetisation is front and centre At the end of each year, several publications like to take a look at current and future trends, exploring how the market is evolving and what to look out for. The end of 2023 was no different but what really struck us here at Jump, when