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Jump Signs Better Business Act Coalition

Jump Signs Better Business Act Coalition as First Step in Helping Create a Fairer, Greener Future for Everybody.

At Jump, we’re adapting our business practises to ensure that we’re working in a sustainable and socially responsible direction, aligning with a triple bottom line approach that commits to planet, people and profit. We’re taking ambitious steps to reach specified targets, which we’ll publish over the coming weeks and months.

The first step is the announcement that we’re supporting the Better Business Act Coalition, a campaign to transform the way businesses are run by changing the law so that every company in the UK, whether big or small, takes ownership of its social and environmental impact.

The Better Business objective is to incorporate four principles into the Companies Act 2006. These are:

  • Aligned Interests – Interests of stakeholders are advanced alongside those of wider society and the environment.
  • Empowering Directors – to exercise their judgement in weighing up and advancing the interests of all stakeholders.
  • Default Change – It must no longer be optional to benefit wider stakeholders beyond shareholders. (Must apply to all businesses by default).
  • Reflected in Reporting – Businesses report on how they balance people, planet and profit in a strategic or impact report, where one is currently required.

We’re proud to stand alongside thousands of businesses who’ve already signed up to create a cleaner, greener, fairer future for all. Together, we’ll ask for the government’s leadership to help deliver this new contract between business and society.