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LinkedIn – Gen Zers and the power of staff engagement


June 18, 2024

Here’s the thing, I fit neatly into the GenX category, which, by its name sounds cool, however, I’m already 4 rows down under millennials, Gen Z and now Gen Alpha. Depressing, I know, but on the positive side it shows that I have banked a few years of work experience and rather than all that knowledge disappearing into the ether, if I change my direction, what better place than to have it all neatly recorded on my LinkedIn profile? Now is that an ego thing? Or is that just good professional sense? As we all know, when someone leaves a company their profile and professional skills are deleted from that website. LinkedIn, on the other hand, has a profile that moves with you.
It also means that I’ve been flirting with social media platforms for some time and whilst LinkedIn was once a glorified job site, it has since grown into a fully-fledged social media network with thriving (and genuine) communities.
Creating a window into your workplace
Having said all that, I’m amazed at the number of professionals out there that don’t have an up- to-date profile. At Jump we come across businesses every day that do not have an established mindset to encourage their employees to use LinkedIn. It’s a no-brainer (free) way to increase awareness of your brand. The halo effect off the back of your employees liking and commenting on the company page or related business content is a valuable PR trick that is highly underestimated. Your employee’s work-related posts can go a long way in attracting new staff as they indirectly create a window into your workplace. Having a voice on LinkedIn for your employees encourages content that is created with a little more thought, rather than the knee-jerk reactions that are common on platforms such as X.
LinkedIn versus X and Instagram
Talking of X, formally known as Twitter, but you knew that already, right? Where does LinkedIn fit with the likes of X and Instagram? Of all the platforms, Instagram is gaining traction for B2B communication. There are in fact over 25 million businesses on Instagram. Instagram has the potential for your business to build an audience much faster and to be much freer with imagery and creativity.
Interestingly, X experienced a 30% drop in usage from 2023 to 2024, however, it still has its place for companies that already have an account. It’s good for promoting your brand around upcoming events and tradeshows and tweeting in real time by using hashtags that can extend reach. At Jump we would possibly steer a company that didn’t have an X presence towards Instagram though as an alternative. LinkedIn still has that overall professional superior feature of allowing users to express their views in long form compared to X’s restrictive character count.
Gen Zers
Gen Zers are on the move into LinkedIn, I know this for a fact as my son has recently joined the platform.
The #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt cultural phenomenon that surged with the under 25’s over the covid pandemic has meant that there is a new audience of “LinkedInfluencers”. These influencer’s are quick to catch on to the benefits of LinkedIn as the place to get noticed professionally.
How Jump can help raise your profile
It makes business sense to encourage your employees to update their profiles on LinkedIn, get them to engage positively with your company posts and keep a regular presence as the benefits to both are far-reaching.
At Jump we love nothing more than raising our clients’ profiles on social media and helping to align staff and company presence across the whole marketing mix.
Get in touch now to find out how we can help your business become the next LinkedInfluencer.

Victoria Orford