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What’s in a name? Branding tips and more.

What’s in a name? Branding tips and more.

By Victoria Orford

Have you ever asked yourself why a company has chosen its name and what the name means? More importantly, how does the name influence your decision to work with that company?

What about names of people? How often has the image you had of a person via a phone conversation or email actually matched reality when you meet in person? Actors and singers are perhaps the most well-known for changing their name as they understand how names can attract – or put-off – a following or fan base.

A company for the most part comes under the same scrutiny. Take for example Ralph Lifshitz. Ralph didn’t think his name had enough panache for a business so he changed it and created a logo to go with it. His Polo brand has revolutionized global marketing. Consumers wear his logo with pride. It all started with the company name – Ralph Lauren.

The importance of branding

These days your company name is just part of the bigger picture of branding. Your brand is exposed to so many different avenues of communication that not getting the name right in the first place doesn’t necessarily mean all is lost. Branding via reputation, word of mouth, social media channels, etc. means that the power of the brand (particularly relevant in the consumer market) is influenced further by what your customers say about you rather than what you say about your company.

Here’s a short guide to strengthening brand recognition

  1. Consider reviewing your current image through your logo and design. It’s not too late to change your logo design; even a subtle change of colour or typeface will revitalise your brand and give multiple reasons to shout about the new company look. You’ve updated your image: Tweet it, advertise it, and send out a press release!
  2. Don’t forget a company slogan. This ultimately should be short and snappy, but also give a clear explanation of what your company does. Use the slogan for all future promotions to cement it within your company brand. If you didn’t previously have one, it’s another great reason to shout about your company.
  3. Once you have a good clear vision for your design and current logo, make a story out of it. Follow through a theme that reflects your brand image and gives your clients further reasons to keep coming back to you through strong recognition. Follow it through with new literature, website design and further promotions.
  4. Providing ongoing value to your target market is vital for better brand recognition and becoming the well-respected “go-to” person in your field. Are you offering webinars, “how-to” guides or seminars to your clients? Remember, out of sight is out of mind.
  5. Use the same colour scheme, logo, typeface, etc. in all your marketing materials.This tip seems obvious but is often overlooked. Be consistent in your branding. Use the same designs on your blog, e-signature, newsletter banner and all other forms of communication. It’s a powerful additional way you’ll be instantly recognisable to your target market.

Why the name Jump?
What about us? Why did we choose our company name? We came across an article referring to a famous photographer Phillippe Halsman who in the 1950’s was considered the best in the business for staging photoshoots of famous people as at the end of the sitting he would ask them to Jump. Marilyn Monroe, Richard Nixon and even the Duke and Duchess of Windsor took of their shoes and jumped in the air. Halsman had a playful theory called “Jumpology” that struck us as similar to the philosophy of our company. He said, “When you ask a person to jump, his attention is mostly directed toward the act of jumping and the mask falls so that the real person appears. One only has to snap it with a camera.”


We like this idea and would love to lay claim that we thought of this great “Jumpology” when deciding on our company name because in many ways that’s how we like to work with our clients. We don’t give you the conventional PR speak mumbo jumbo, we reach beyond the façade of your company name and get it noticed from within. We start by looking at your current branding and ask the simple question: does this look represent the ethos of the company? We then delve into the heart and soul of your organisation. We help you pick out those principles that represent the true USP’s that help to create brand loyalty and, ultimately, increase sales by boosting your image and reputation.
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