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Social Media Guide and How To.

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Whether it’s the weather man on your local news, your childrens’ school blog or even Barack Obama, they are all either asking you to follow them on Twitter or encouraging you to look at their blogs, Facebook page, or YouTube account. Social chatter is all around us but what do we really need it for?

As we move further into a digital world, and into the era of digital communities, it is impossible to predict where a potential customer may come across you, or expect to come across you, and that includes social media. It’s tempting to sign up to every social media platform out there – Twitter Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ et al., but do you know how to start and then how to maximise the value? And which social network is right for your customers? What are they using?

We have compiled a quick guide to the three main social network platforms. Take a look at our Social Media Guide and How To. Need further help on setting up a social media account that is consistent with your branding?  And/or help with producing the right tone to get you started?  Give us a call on 0208 771 9435 or, or dare we say it, tweet us!