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Does your website pass the new Google mobile test?


Alongside the fact that, according to the sages of the internet, you have around eight seconds to impress someone visiting your site for the first time (including load time!), now Google has made it the task even harder. As of this week, sites that aren’t mobile-friendly are going to be downgraded, or, as

puts it: “Websites not deemed mobile-friendly will be dropped down the search rankings, dramatically reducing the number of visitors to a site.”

This is a serious issue. The internet is expanding and so are the public’s options for searching. If your site isn’t at or near the top of let’s face it, Google, then the potential for lost business increases by the day. As does the number of people accessing via mobiles. You can check

if your site is mobile-friendly.

But once you’ve got them on your site, then there’s a whole raft of other factors to consider. But never fear, help is at hand. To take advantage of our expertise,

and we can start our conversation.