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Jump Signs Contract with Springtail Productions for Publicity of Environmental Documentary Film Six Inches of Soil

Jump Signs Contract with Springtail Productions for Publicity of Environmental Documentary Film

Six Inches of Soil

London, UK – 1st November 2023 – Jump, a communications agency that provides bespoke PR, marketing and creative services to technology companies across the professional video industries, has expanded its reach and secured a contract with Springtail Productions for the publicity of Six Inches of Soil, an independent documentary feature film about soil, agroecology and regenerative farming, which will premiere early next year.

Throughout the two-year production process, the small Six Inches of Soil team have given up their time to work on the film as a passion project, including Jump’s PR Strategist and Content Developer Kate Ford, who has been working as the film’s publicist since January 2022. Following two successful Crowdfunder’s in 2022 and 2023, which included Save our Wild Isles Aviva Community Fund and A Team Foundation match funding, as well as donations from several private ethical companies, individual large donors and the Lush Foundation, Springtail Productions has been able to secure a PR budget. As a result, publicity from now through the launch in January and beyond, can increase to maximise exposure. Jump is responsible for media outreach to consumer and trade press in the UK including TV, radio and podcasts as well as blog creation and social media support.

Kate Ford, PR Strategist and Content Developer, Jump says, “I have a keen interest in permaculture, which has a strong focus on working closely with nature to create and protect natural ecosystems as part of the food production process. When I saw Six Inches of Soil Producer Claire Mackenzie and Director Colin Ramsay launch the social networks for the film back in December 2021, I had a strong desire to offer my help and I’ve loved being part of our small production team ever since. Now that there’s a PR budget available, I’m excited that we can take this important project on as a Jump client to really hit the ground running. Our aim is for as many people as possible across the UK to know about the film and the vital importance of soil, agroecology and regenerative farming for the wellbeing of our planet.”

Claire Mackenzie, Producer, Six Inches of Soil adds, “Kate and I have been working together for nearly two years and have formed a great working relationship and friendship. We have a very similar mindset and focus with ideas that are aligned to get the best coverage for the film. We also work closely with our 11 NGO partners as well as many incredible growers and experts across the regenerative food and farming community that have been so helpful in helping to tell our story and support the film.”

Six Inches of Soil tells the inspiring story of British farmers standing up to the industrial food system and transforming the way they produce food – to heal the soil, benefit our health and provide for local communities.

Click here to watch the Six Inches of Soil film teaser

About Six Inches of Soil:

Six Inches of Soil is the first full-length campaigning documentary feature film that tells the untold story of the UK’s regenerative and agroecology movement and its benefits to soil. Scheduled for release in January 2024, the film aims to inspire UK farmers to adopt regenerative agroecological farming practices and encourage consumers and policymakers to support their efforts. With a compelling narrative, engaging animations and interviews with leading figures, it tells the story of our soils and our food and farming system through the eyes of three new-entrant farmers and examines how we can replace this with a resilient and localised agroecosystem.

Six Inches of Soil has been produced with an independent team including, Director Colin Ramsay, Founder and Director of DragonLight Films and Freelance Producer Claire Mackenzie. See the full team here. During the post-production process, Claire and Colin set up Springtail Productions to further develop the impact of the film. The aim is to inspire farmers with the confidence to shift to a more regenerative mindset and approach; to give consumers the impetus and information to rethink their food choices; and ultimately create a groundswell of public opinion leading to policy change, support and funding for a British regenerative farming and agroecological revolution.

Six Inches of Soil Contact:

Claire Mackenzie, Producer

Email: info@sixinchesofsoil.org

Tel: 07876 030328