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IBC – It’s looming, are you ready to get social?

Yes, we all know IBC’s around the corner; it would be quite nice to ignore it, wouldn’t it? It’s mid-August, the children are driving you crazy and it’s your busiest (work-wise) time of the year. Before you know it, the bank holiday weekend is here (for the UK anyway/Labor Day for the US too) and you’re having to hit deadlines like there’s no tomorrow. But hold on, where is everybody?

Surely, everyone will ignore public holidays and work regardless. No? It’s like Armageddon! Nobody’s at work and no sooner have you ironed on a thousand name labels onto new school uniforms, you’re at Schiphol airport thinking taxi queue or train? Honestly, who decided to have a major trade show in mid-September anyway?

On a more serious note, how on earth are you going to interact with all the social traffic running across your screen like an express train? How are you going to manage your own social contributions? How does your company cut through all the increased noise exploding across social media?

Well, hopefully you’re going to have a PR agency behind you, like Jump, to pick a totally random example! But if you don’t, well here’s a few tips to get you through the social traffic jams.

  1. Why are your sending out a tweet or message? What is the key thing that you want to attract your audience to? If it’s about a change of location at the show, for example, then stick to that point. Do another tweet another time about other things you need to highlight.
  2. New product with new bells and whistles? Do those bells and whistle actually help anyone? What do they help with? What are the benefits?
  3. Don’t be fooled into sending your messaging out at peak times; remember there’ll be a lot of traffic so choose a different time to post your messages. And post them more than once to account for time zone variations.
  4. Cut out any jargon. Don’t clutter up your messaging with complicated techno speak unless it’s relevant.
  5. Influencing through personal experience is beginning to take hold in the B2B environment. Develop a story that appeals to the personal side, similar to how I started this blog.

If you need our help across any or all of your communications, then get in touch and we can meet at the show. See you there!

Victoria Orford