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Shaping your message to suit the medium

Until recently, BBC Radio 5 Live had a show on Sunday nights – two hours, if memory serves – that took as its sole cue the top 40 stories across the week on Twitter. That seemed to be it. It didn’t matter what the story was or how suitable it was for radio, the only editorial requirement was that they had been popular on Twitter and then the presenter and guests would discuss them. T’rrific.

This is not to denigrate Twitter for clearly it has its uses, though it takes time and effort to use it effectively and needs to be handled as part of an overall strategy. But we’ve reached a point where the medium has far too often become the message, to steal from the great 20th century thinker and cultural commentator Marshall McLuhan.

McLuhan wrote about it in a far more extensive and complex manner, but to return to the Radio 5 example, in that instance decent content was dashed against the rocks of fast-buck culture. It was boring and I switched off.

And that’s the key point about the changing nature of communication services: without high-quality content in the first place, it doesn’t matter how you slice and dice it for each distribution medium, it’s still just noise. And there is so much of that; it’s everywhere. Content is king, even more now direct digital distribution has empowered so many to post whatever they want, whenever.

We have years of experience creating premium quality content for our clients, working to give them a powerful voice across whatever media is appropriate. From LinkedIn blogs to videos, complex articles to websites, press releases to tweets, the content has to reach out and cut through. And it has to support your brand. Then of course we work across the distribution mediums to push the message to those who need to hear it and present it in a way that is entirely appropriate for that medium.

With Jump, you get to work directly with us, not junior staff or generic content creators. With the market changing technologically and in terms of how we communicate, neglecting the basics serves no one well. We can provide you with the guidance, content and reach that you need to be heard.

The message is the message: make sure it’s right. Give us a shout and we can discuss your precise requirements. Why wait?