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INSIGHT TV’s unique 4K UHD high-end content available to subscribers across the country

Hilversum, Netherlands – 17th May 2017 – INSIGHT TV, the world’s largest producer and broadcaster of adventure travel and extreme sports genres in true, unscripted 4K UHD, has announced a major distribution deal with Siminn, one of Iceland’s leading telecoms companies based in Reykjavik. Siminn has launched INSIGHT TV’s successful 4K UHD linear channel on its UHD IPTV service Síminn Sjónvarp, providing Icelandic subscribers with hundreds of hours of unique high-end content. Iceland has the largest IPTV penetration rate in Europe (68 per cent) and INSIGHT TV is the first UHD channel that Siminn has launched.

Siminn has achieved penetration of just over 60 per cent of the Icelandic pay-TV market. It provides subscribers with the option of three international packages ranging from small to large. INSIGHT TV will be added to all three packages, which include up to 80 channels. For subscribers that don’t yet have access to a UHD screen, the channel will also be available in HD. This deal further highlights INSIGHT TV’s huge growth in the past 12 months and its commitment to deliver the highest quality 4K UHD content worldwide.

“INSIGHT TV is making major steps in the 4K UHD world and we’re very happy to partner with them to provide our subscribers with a wide range of exciting UHD content,” says Palmi Gudmundsson, EVP of Programming at Siminn.

Graeme Stanley, Commercial Director of INSIGHT TV, adds, “Working with distribution partners like Siminn provides even greater global reach. The contract gives us the opportunity to reach more viewers in Iceland providing them with the best picture quality and with creative content based on global trending topics and social influencers.”

INSIGHT TV features original programming in the form of innovative documentaries, accessible reality series, as well as high levels of interactive new formats. INSIGHT TV produces and commissions phenomenal non-scripted and long form series. The compelling content takes the viewer on a journey to explore, be educated and entertained. INSIGHT TV’s range of programming demonstrates the very best of 4K UHD.

About Siminn:

Based in Reykjavik, Siminn is a telecoms company that offers a range of services for the home: mobiles, home phones, internet connections, IPTV and television. Siminn gives Icelanders access to the largest 3G network and its growing 4G network. It holds just over 60% of the pay TV market. Siminn covers urban and rural areas of Iceland.

Siminn Contact: Palmi Godmunsson E: palmi@siminn.is


INSIGHT TV has over 500 hours of UHD content and commissions 200 hours of brand new content each year. INSIGHT TV reaches millions of homes in Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and the USA. Committed to pushing the boundaries of linear and non-linear broadcasting INSIGHT’s content stretches from Adventure Travel, Inspiring Science and Technology and Extreme sports, all shot in UHD. INSIGHT TV’s range of programming demonstrates the best of Ultra HD, 4K and HDR.


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INSIGHT TV PR & Coms Contact:

Andrew Pons

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