Jump is a B2B communications agency who provides bespoke PR, marketing and creative services to broadcast and media technology companies globally, from content acquisition to delivery to the home.

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Creative writing

Over the past decade there has been a surge in online content, which has grown exponentially in the last couple of years: suddenly anyone, skilled writer or not, can have a voice via blogs, social media, websites and so on. But the sheer volume of content means there is so much noise out there and volume does not equal quality. Here at Jump we have never forgotten the importance of writing great copy and we believe that cutting through the noise with succinct, imaginative and precise content remains a critical part of telling the story of the product, service or special event.

Targeted and powerful copy on company websites, social media and in trade magazines not only gives potential customers confidence to buy services, it also helps businesses attract potential customers to their website in the first place because it ensures the website places higher in Google’s search ranking.

Here are some examples of recent creative article production.

TVBEurope talks to Globecast

Cellular-based transmission

Resolution – technology