Jump is a B2B communications agency who provides bespoke PR, marketing and creative services to broadcast and media technology companies globally, from content acquisition to delivery to the home.


Keeping it real while we move through this surreal time

A glance at our website shows a world before COVID-19; I’ll call it BC19 for want of a better abbreviation. Without question, this rapid and unprecedented shift in all our lives is still very much in its infancy. But we will return to that time after this is all over, though maybe with a few beneficial tweaks to the way we live and work.

Here at Jump we’ve tried to keep it real as possible but at the same time fully understanding we’ve entered a time where no one has the answers. We are lucky in some ways as we all work remotely so home working doesn’t scare us; we’ve embraced it for years but obviously, like everyone else, we now have partners, children, pets, noise.

We’re also very much aware that all of the above is an epic juggling act for our clients too. Making sense of this new era is undoubtedly going to be a challenge for all of us but we just want to assure clients existing, new and old that we are here and are keeping it real. And by this we mean that it’s OK if we hear a dog barking in the background; it’s OK if we don’t get to talk in that scheduled meeting due to a home schooling assignment that needs to be sent right now!; and it’s OK if you can’t talk to us about that new product launch just yet…

Our mission at Jump has always been to provide a constant source of inspiration, whether that’s generating ideas for a new blog or advising on a new website design or creating content that’s relevant and sharp. That mission to provide professional support on a day-to-day basis has never been greater than it is right now.

Victoria Orford