Jump is a B2B communications agency who provides bespoke PR, marketing and creative services to broadcast and media technology companies globally, from content acquisition to delivery to the home.


We don’t need PR

Coming from a PR and marketing agency that headline must have raised an eyebrow or two, right?  But, let’s be honest, it’s something that every agency has heard many times before.

It’s been over ten years since we launched Jump, and what we say to potential clients remains the same today as it did a decade ago, explaining that for the 99 per cent of the time that you aren’t talking directly to your customers, or potential customers, it’s words on a page and your brand that do the talking for you.

You know, despite the growth of all things internet, this has never been truer than it is now. While the “page” is of course no longer restricted to a printed article, datasheet or a static website – we all know the multiplicity of media we can use or reach out too – the fundamental principle has never been more important: it’s quality, timing and consistency of message across every medium that works because you never know what method a potential customer will use to find you.

The key to ensuring that you’re maximising these opportunities is to produce consistent, high-quality material that delivers your messaging, brings value to your brand, shows your company’s personality and reaches your target audience via a multi-pronged approach. It’s all too easy these days to fall into the trap of pushing content out in the wrong format to the wrong place just because (via accessible channels such as Twitter) you can.  Quality is everything.

At Jump, this is what we love doing every day. We assist with all areas of PR, marketing and design, producing high-quality content that ties the message to the medium, all created by experienced ex-journalists and marketeers. Maybe we use video; maybe write a technical article; maybe we create a blog; maybe a new website for you…we think you get the picture.

We manage the whole communications process from start to finish, providing bespoke retainer services and tailored project packages to suit the requirements of any client. And don’t just take our word for it. It’s not unusual for Jump to partner with clients for several years: LiveU, Tedial, Globecast and Rascular are all examples of this long-term approach. But that doesn’t work for everyone and we take on mini-projects regularly to help boost a brand, such as pre -tradeshow or product launch.

With all this in mind, don’t ask, “Why do we need PR?  Ask, “In today’s multi-faceted market, can we afford not to have expert help?”