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Client news: Tedial Talks IMF and Tackles Storage Virtualization at NAB 2017, NAB Booth # N1420


AST Graphic

Company’s IMF support is main topic at the show, as they also debut new AST, a Revolutionary Management System

Las Vegas, NV – April 24, 2017 — Tedial, the leading independent MAM technology solutions specialist is talking about its support of IMF at NAB and its role as a true “Media Factory.”  It is also breaking the classical paradigm of Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) with its Tedial Augmented Storage (AST), a new concept in storage virtualization systems that brings a safe, reliable and cost-efficient storage system for cloud workflows and hybrid scenarios. AST is being demonstrated in Booth N 1420. The trendsetting provider of media and content management solutions is also highlighting their ability to provide full operation in the cloud, and their monitoring of statistics and reporting via real- time dashboards.

IMF End-to-End Workflow: Real World IMF Applications

Applying the SMPTE IMF standards to provide a reliable SaaS and proven cloud solution, Tedial architecture supports UHD and HDR, provides adopters with enhanced multi-versioning support, and can address late pending components for previous watermarked versions.

Tedial executives are at NAB 2017 discussing IMF strategies; how to apply them to real world distribution problems, how IMF saves money, provides greater efficiency and supports new technologies, and its role in a true “Media Factory,” to automate management of thousands of deliverable formats via a single workflow and a single operators screen.

Tedial Augmented STorage (AST)

Tedial Augmented Storage (AST), a new concept in storage virtualization systems brings content owners a safe, reliable and cost-efficient storage system for cloud workflows and hybrid scenarios as it virtualizes file locations. And for those customers managing a multi-site, distributed operation, AST can transparently manage the same content in multiple locations, automating task assignment and data transfer across multiple sites as needed.

The heterogeneous ecosystem handles any type of multimedia content regardless of its physical location and facilitates media operations, such as editing based on timecode or efficient management of large UHD or low/lossless compression files across multiple sites and around the globe.

The platform is built around a vastly resilient and scalable “Cloud First” design, allowing facilities to grow according to their needs, dynamically adapting to workload peaks.  And with AST, the highest security is a priority, with content protected by requiring authentication. Different groups are assigned different access levels, and retention policies can be easily defined to protect the content and limit the access.

AST nodes provide local operation for the content stored in that site, allowing cloud-independency and enabling content searching, retrieval and archival if needed, with automatic synchronization.

Treating content as an object that includes an innovative minimum metadata packet allows storage to operate independent of MAM solutions, able to archive and publish content and easily integrate with third party systems maximizing simplicity and efficiency.

Full Operation in The Cloud

Tedial has been providing native support for cloud and cloud hybrid operations for over six years with multiple installations around the globe.

As a result of the continuous improvements in its solutions, Tedial’s full operation in the Cloud now features multi-resolution MPEG-DASH to enable full Web GUI without media browsing issues, Adobe Premier Pro CC, and After Effects CC integration. Content is cached locally, enabling minimal transfers of local high-res operations such as content repurposing, corrections, etc., making content available transparently for the end-users, regardless of location.

Company executives are on-hand to explain how Tedial’s system architecture has been tailored for the Cloud with a flexible infrastructure and native S3 support.

Real-time Dashboards: Statistics and Reporting

Tedial is also demonstrating media and content management solutions designed to maximize business efficiency and profitability. The Company’s real-time monitoring of key performance indicators and reporting tools measure business efficiency and capacity, allowing users to track business processes help customers reach their goals.


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