Brief: To provide global PR services ensuring that Tedial has strong worldwide representation.

“The Jump team (both in the UK and the US) provided Tedial global PR services for the past year and our relationship has been a great success. They have strong press relationships worldwide and the editorial coverage that we’ve received in that time has been vast and creative. As well as promoting Tedial’s narrative they have assisted with conference and award submissions, which resulted in Tedial winning an IABM Game Changers Award at NAB 2015, our first international recognition.” – Jay Batista, Tedial General Manager, US Operations


Jump provides a full range of PR services to Tedial finding and creating opportunities for promotion of the company across the US and internationally. With a team in the UK and the US working closely with the Tedial marketing department, Jump is able to ensure that Tedial gains maximum exposure and that editors are fully briefed on current and future activities.

Jump has an excellent database of trade press, freelancers and analysts across the world, which is key to any agency. However, to really make a mark in the US and internationally the agency needs feet on the ground. By providing global services we achieve much more building strong relationships with clients and the press.


View example feature published in the US for Tedial