Rascular branding, website case study 

Provide a comprehensive review of current company brand and update according to brief plus a completely new website design and build to complement the new creative and company image.

Rascular branding, website case study 

“We’ve been working with Jump now for over three years and we’re really happy with the services that they provide. We’ve gradually increased the way that we work with them, taking advantage of the integrated PR, marketing and creative services packages that they offer. This has been invaluable and has included website builds from the ground up, fully managed by them, new branding and stand design too. Jump also supplies e-marketing services as well as PR. This allows us to present ourselves to the market in a clean, clear and constantly updated way with branded materials and concise wording. The team uses its expertise to do what we simply don’t have time to, and it’s a pleasure to work with them.”

Ephraim Barrett, Sales Director, Rascular Technology Ltd.

The Jump team initially worked on PR materials – case studies, press releases, articles, awards entries and more – and a new website back in 2012. The latter was managed by us, from site map to launch, including new design and copy. Since then our relationship has grown.

Branding overall objective
It became clear that we needed update the current Rascular brand to be consistent across all media. We started with the Rascular logo and this opened the creative gateway to generate new designs for a second new, application-focused website, literature and promotional materials as well as a new style for the stand at IBC.

Rascular’s logo needed to reflect the company’s growth and technological progression in the broadcast control technology field. This was achieved through careful thought, not only to the colour scheme and general look but also the strapline and the way it would scale cross-media. A brand book then followed for all other promotional materials including stationery, datasheets and product front panels.